Budget Friendly Options

Exploratory: If you know you want something written down, but you’re not quite sure what, then this will be our starting point. We will chat on the phone a lot, I will set up some interviews to relevant individuals, and we will develop your vision. Afterwards, if you’re happy with my work you are welcome to hire me to write it down, do the writing yourself, or look for another ghost writer that suits your stories specific needs.

Short Story Compilation: This is my most budget friendly option, simply because we will work together one topic at a time. E-mail me with as many details as you know about the topic you would like me to write about, and I will respond with a price estimate based on necessity of interviews, research, and projected story length. This is a great way to try out my services without a large investment of money, and you are welcome to keep hiring me to write about different topics. This is a great option for private projects (grandparents memoirs to be shared among close friends and family etc.), but not the best choice if you are looking to publish.

Writing Consultant: If you have always wanted to write your own book but have no idea where to start, need someone to keep your on task, or need someone to look over your work, help you edit, or even re-write chapters, then this is the option for you. This option easily fits any budget.

Full Length Projects

Private Projects: Get your grandparents precious stories written down to share with the family for generations to come, or finally get your travel stories recorded before those funny memories slip away. The main difference here between publications and private projects is that published works need a more in depth outlining process and editing process. Since these two areas can end up adding up in price, private projects are more budget friendly.

Memoir: When you write a memoir you are taking a moment in your life’s timeline and putting it on paper, such as stories from your childhood, or that trip you took to Italy last summer. Memoirs can make great novellas (short novels around 30 000 words in length), though can be written as full length novels. Memoirs often give readers the chance to see a detailed view of part of your life’s story.

Biography: A biography spans your entire life, though it might spend more time on one point in time than another. Often biographies allow a reader to see your personal growth over time. Biographies are often novel length works (80 000 words or longer) because of the necessity to span a great length of time.


Cost: The biggest factors in cost are word count, research requirements, interviewing time necessary, and individual requests. Full length projects typically cost between $10 000- 50 000, and take between 1-4 years to complete. If looking at those numbers make your head spin, please revisit my budget friendly options. My goal is to fit your needs, and a 30 minute Skype interview with your aging parents once a week may not seem like much, but will go a long way towards preserving their memories.

Payment: One of the things I will ask from you is your monthly budget for the project. This will give me an idea of how much time I can sink into your memoir/ biography a week. We can set up payment by monthly deposit, or on a per project basis, whichever best fits your budget.