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Traveling With a Baby Checklist

After several miserable attempts at adventuring with our one year old where one or all of us ended up short tempered, over hunger, and/ or crying, I scribbled a checklist reminder down in my travel journal. It is so easy to get so caught up in trying to see all of the sights and forget about the things that really matter. Because of this checklist we ended up doing a lot less then we had originally planned. That simply forced us to prioritize the things we really wanted to do, and gave us time for small adventures and little moments.

CATS: Exploring Epidaurus.

Cats were the first thing we noticed as our car came to a halt in the parking lot of Epidaurus historic sight. Cats that were lounging on the edge of the parking lot, or spread out across the pavement lifted their heads to watch our car approach. Stretching, their unblinking eyes fixed on our vehicle, all at once they got up, and slunk in towards us from every direction. By the time we had the doors open the whole glaring of cats surrounded us. There must have been 20 or 30 of them, and clearly they had come to associate tourists with food. Felix was delighted! At one and a half, he had a near obsession with cats, and here there was a whole bunch of cats close enough for him to reach out and grab with his pudgy fingers.